Are you a DevOps/SRE engineer? Please, join our job satisfaction survey!
Are you a DevOps/SRE engineer? Please, join our job satisfaction survey!

Palark is an all-in-one DevOps & SRE service provider based in Germany that helps organisations of all sizes build, deploy and operate software quickly, efficiently and securely.

Our team is always on call to ensure that your production environment is running smoothly. We offer DevOps as a Service, so you can concentrate on business applications without worrying about infrastructure, operations, CI/CD and all related best practices.

Our team’s current experience

Years of delivering SRE/DevOps services


Maintenance with guaranteed SLA


Satisfied clients


Applications running in production


There have been many exciting moments on our journey, but it all started with the belief that businesses should be able to leverage the full power of modern technologies without hassle.

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In 2008 our team started supporting and servicing any Open Source technologies for business infrastructure. After a while, we focused on highly-loaded web applications using virtual machines, naturally transitioning to containers lately. Today we strive to make life easier for developers leveraging CI/CD best practices and cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes.

During these years, we have developed and refined a clear vision of what DevOps and SRE should be for a business to benefit. We have shaped service quality standards and developed our Open Source tools to ensure top-notch service.

Palark was launched under a new name in September 2022, with the team comprising experienced, CKA-certified engineers, Kubernetes and other Open Source organisations’ members and contributors. In December 2022, we became a CNCF Silver Member. We will continue to work hard to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

David Magton
Steers in the right direction
Dmitry Shurupov
Spreads the word in the community
Mikhail Mynzul
Keeps our company operating
Ilya Nefedov
Drives our business growth
Andrei Koriakin
Renders our production functioning
Vasily Marmer
Ensures everything is secured